About CE:BE

Welcome to CE:BE - The Centre of Excellence for the Built Environment, a brand new flagship programme for students aged 14-19.

CE:BE provides a unique opportunity for young people to benefit from extensive collaboration between employers, colleges and schools to gain a career specific educational experience, preparing them for a wide range of future careers in the Construction and Built Environment. We know that the number of job opportunities within the sector is growing and therefore CE:BE will prepare individuals with the right skills enabling them to complete in the market place both locally and globally.

The AIM - The main aim of the CE:BE is to provide, greater numbers of well prepared, skilled young people, providing much needed talent for the Construction Industry now and in the future. The curriculum will be built around real work related, employer driven projects so that every aspect of learning has clear relevance to potential careers in the industry. The CE:BE will enable local companies to take an increased leadership role in the design and delivery of 14-19 learning in the sector creating "Job Ready" young people for their companies.

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Students on the CE:BE programme will study an academic curriculum - GCSEs and A-Levels alongside technical qualifications such as BTEC and City & Guilds. The unique difference is that all academic study relates to the employer - focused projects enabling them to gain a real insight into the world of work, giving them a distinct advantage over their peers.

CE:BE will give students access to outstanding industry facilities spread across a number of sites in the Bradford District - providing them with a greater opportunity to meet industry professionals, and like-minded young people.

A CE:BE student, whether they start at 14 or 16 years of age, will have an individual learning plan (ILP) underpinned by their chosen Built Environment Career Pathway. They will be fully supported by all education partners and employers, to ensure they fulfil their potential as a CE:BE student; this may mean going straight into work, entering onto an apprenticeship or moving into higher education. All these options are available depending on what's right for you.

So join us on this exciting new venture as we help to create the next generation of Builders, Architects, Quantity Surveyors or even the Owner of your own business - take a look inside for the other exciting careers within the Built Environment.



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