Choosing a career at 14 or 16 is difficult therefore young people need to understand the options available.

The Centre of Excellence will provide a blended model of learning, providing both academic and technical skills. Students will study their chosen GCSE's or alternatively their chosen NVQ alongside industry specific training.

CE:BE will create an arena for learning - where the world of The Built Environment can be explored, giving students a unique opportunity to learn from industry professionals, with teaching staff that have worked in the industry.

CE:BE offers an education that is related to the world of work, giving students a real awareness of employment opportunities in the sector and excellent employability skills.


As a student, whether at College or School, you will be a CE:BE student where your learning will incorporate:

  • A well-structured timetable, driven by employers
  • Time split between the work environment and your place of study
  • A holistic curriculum planned between employer and teaching staff

And a whole range of enrichment activities ranging from:

  • Work focused project created by employers that relate to your academic studies at school or college
  • Master classes from Industry Professionals
  • Site Visits
  • Work Placements
  • Learning Lunches - key topics on employability
  • Competitions

Most importantly Employers have a direct influence on your learning - they may even offer you an opportunity to work for them. So if you are interested in being part of the CE:BE talk to your teacher, or college tutor - alternatively "Get in touch" via the contact page for more information.



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