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Encourage your child to move into a career within the Construction and Built Environment. The range of opportunities within this sector is endless from the trades to management and self-employment both in the UK and internationally. The construction industry continues to be one of this country's most important economic sectors, contributing 8% to GDP and employing 3 million workers in its supply chain alone. There are key skill shortages in the industry from Architects to Bricklayers. With new ways of building, designing and renovating buildings there are clear requirements across the sector for new skills.

CE: BE is an exciting and innovative programme aimed at delivering real opportunities for young people to start off their career in the Construction and Built Environment, giving them skills for the future. With an opportunity to pursue a real work focused curriculum, shaped and delivered both by teaching staff and employers. The learning is supported by employers such as Arnold Laver, Wates, Carillion, Rex Procter and others and the involvement of three educational partners.

Construction Learning Programme

CE:BE is unique in delivering a Career Cluster Model approach, transforming the way that Construction curriculum is taught, for further details speak to the teaching staff at the school or college your child attends. CE:BE understand the market place, we understand the opportunities available across the sector and therefore will ensure your child gets a quality, enriched learning experience. By being part of CE:BE your child will gain an added advantage in the market place when applying for further education, a job or an apprenticeship they will:

  • Study a more work focused curriculum
  • Interact with employers on a regular basis
  • Have a greater understanding of the construction industry and the career opportunities.
  • Gain realistic knowledge of the "world of work"
  • Gain a more competitive advantage by experiencing a whole range of activities over and above their normal school provision.

Most importantly it will give employers involved in CE:BE the opportunity to see your child grow and develop. It will enable them to choose potential candidates for job roles within their company.

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There will be regular information sessions at school parent evenings and open days at the college to discuss the Centre of Excellence in further detail.



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