Apprentice Case Studies

Harraj Khaira

Age: 18

Lives: Leeds

Company: Wates Construction

Job title: Commercial Administrator

Job responsibilities: Working under the quantity surveyors on site and assisting with a variety of work. Also taking responsibilities of the smaller work packages on site e.g. Intumescent fire protection, substation doors and louvres.


  • 10 GCSEs A-C
  • Distinction in business studies level 3
  • Distinction in ICT level 3
  • Currently studying towards Construction
  • Contracting Operations level 3

What you think you wanted to do after school and what you actually did
I wanted to do an apprenticeship in construction and get a job straight after finishing school. Unfortunately I couldn't find a suitable position so I stayed on at sixth form for the first year and eventually, in the first month of year 2, I was approached by CITB with an apprenticeship.

Why an apprenticeship?
My Dad started his career in an apprenticeship and told me how beneficial it was.

What route has your career taken post-apprenticeship?
Since starting this apprenticeship I have decided to take the commercial route; I find the work very interesting. I am now performing the role of a Commercial Administrator.

Who are/have been your main influencers?
My main influencer is just my interest in construction and architecture.

How easy/difficult was it getting an apprenticeship and a job?
It isn't easy but as long as you keep applying and trying you will eventually be successful.

What are your top tips?
Always work hard, as it is recognised.

Your aspirations for the future
In the next 10/20 years, I want to have progressed into a managerial role.

What do you love most about working in construction?
The variety of work and how everything seems to change so quickly. My first year has seemed to have flown by.

What's your favourite building in the world and why?
Empire State Building, New York. New York has a lot of large buildings but the empire state stands out to me because how long ago it was built and it still is one on the biggest in the city.



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