Maintenance and Operations

Maintenance and Operations Jobs


  • Commercial Energy Assessor

    As a commercial energy assessor you would test the energy efficiency of commercial buildings and produce Non-Domestic Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs). If you're interested in protecting the environment and working with a wide range of different people, this could be the job for you.

    You’d be using your excellent spoken and written communication skills to work with clients at many different levels. Good observational skills would help you to create in-depth EPCs and give relevant energy saving advice.

    To become a commercial energy assessor you would need a Level 3 Certificate in Non-Domestic Energy Assessment and be registered with a Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) approved accreditation scheme.

    Starting Salary: £16500

  • Facilities Manager

    Facilities managers make sure that buildings and their services meet the needs of the people who work in them. They manage services such as cleaning, security and parking. They also manage building maintenance like heating and air conditioning systems.

    If you can develop good working relationships with a wide range of people and enjoy organising, this could be a great profession for you.

    To do this job, you should have good organisation skills. You will need good spoken and written communication skills. You will also need customer and client management skills.

    Starting Salary: £26000

  • Gas service technician

    Gas service technicians install, service and repair gas appliances and heating systems. These include gas fires, boilers and cookers. They also include central heating and shower units.

    If you want a varied job that puts your practical skills to good use, this could be an ideal choice.

    To become a technician, you'll need to be good at solving problems and have ability in maths and science. You'll also need a polite and friendly manner to work in customers' homes.To qualify as a gas service technician you will need an industry-recognised qualification and Gas Safe registration (formerly CORGI).

    Starting Salary: £25000

  • Heating and ventilation engineer

    Heating and ventilation engineers install and service the heating and air conditioning systems found mainly in larger buildings like office blocks, factories, schools and hospitals.

    If you want a job that makes good use of your practical skills and one which is helping to develop sustainable green energy technologies, this could be the career for you.

    You will need the ability to read technical plans, be able to work in tight spaces and have a good head for heights. You will also need to be a teamworker and be willing to travel from job to job. You would usually start training for this career on an Apprenticeship scheme.

    Starting Salary: £26000

  • Leakage operative

    As a leakage operative or leakage technician you would use specialist equipment to find and record leaks in water pipes. You would also work closely with repair teams to make sure leaks are fixed as quickly as possible.

    If you like solving problems, are a good teamworker and don’t mind working unsocial hours including nights, this could be the right job for you.

    A common route into this job is through an Apprenticeship scheme, although previous experience in a technical job like plumbing or building services engineering could be useful.

    You may need a driving licence for some jobs.

    Starting Salary: £13500

  • Painter and decorator

    Painters and decorators use a range of coverings to enhance and protect surfaces. These surfaces could include plaster, metal and wood. If you like practical work and enjoy being artistic, this could be a perfect career for you.

    To be a painter and decorator, you should have good practical and creative skills. You will need to be able to work carefully and pay attention to detail. Sometimes you’ll need a good head for heights.

    Employers often prefer people with some relevant experience. You could start by looking for work as a painter and decorator's labourer or 'mate'.

    Starting Salary: £14500



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