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How can your business support CE:BE?

  • Providing  Master Classes

    As part of the overall learning programme CE:BE will strive to bring inspirational individuals into both the schools and college to deliver sessions to groups of students throughout the year.

  • Host a Visit

    CE:BE wants to encourage businesses to open their doors thus opening student’s eyes to the opportunities within the Built Environment. Anything from a site visit to a ½ day looking at all the different professions in a construction company.

  • Arranging Visits

    It maybe that your partners or supply chain may also provide some interesting and informative visits.

  • Providing Work Experience

    The curriculum will demand a degree of work experience paid and unpaid, particularly post 16, this can be achieved via a block or 2 days a week.

  • Allowing access to employer equipment

    There will be opportunities to provide your company equipment for example a specific boiler in plumbing where we will upskill students so they can not only work on your equipment but sell your equipment as they progress into work within their chosen field.

  • Holiday Jobs

    The opportunity for holiday employment so they gain work experience and real on the job skills.

  • Mentoring  Students

    CE:BE aim to identify a  number of mentors from the Construction Industry this will be particularly important for those students who wish to progress into construction management.

  • Lead or support a work based project

    CE:BE aims to challenge its students with real life issues within the construction and built environment, whether this is around designing equipment or finding to solutions to making equipment work more efficiently. Projects will be based around cross- transferable skills in the built environment within a time frame from 1 week to 6 weeks.

  • Sponsorship

    Upon involvement with students at CE:BE there will be opportunities to sponsor individuals from 14 years upwards in recognition of their achievements throughout the programme.



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